edition, project management

new project

To create a new project you need only 2 clicks


Projects and files aren't permanently removed, there are kept for 30 days in a bin. You can buy all files archiving service, without time limit.

add view

sending to client

new project and sending

To add your views select the files or drag them into the page. Each file can be overwritten and deleted. If project is ready for presentation, simply enter your email client and send a notification.


After receiving the email, without logging in, you may view the project and approve it or comment.

full automotion


After the project practically only upload or overwrite files and receive automatic notification of customer operations.


He gets automatic emails with information about the changes the status of their project (overwrite the file, upload the new one). And then approves or add comments.

control and report

status tour-4ctour-4ctour-4c

Each project and view has four statuses: new / not viewed, viewed, approved and not approved. Easily one look over all projects.

in preparings

in case of disagreement or just curiosity you can check all clients and designers actions. Now you know when, who saw what, accept or comment on, you see the response time of both parties.

approveapp ona iOS

iPad & iPhone
in preparings

App for mobile devices allow for the presentation of projects directly to the customera and to check the status projects in any location.

in preparings

For developers we share completely for free Api to communicate with the service approveapp. We invite to a special site dedicated to programming external tools


for free

You can use completely free of approveapp functionality. The only limit is the number of simultaneous projects and files, and a few extra features.

$3 module / month

Each "module" costs (in promotion) $3. You can now remove the restriction on the number of projects, delete limit the number of projects to enable personalization and advanced statistics.