• static-help-01 static-num-01 add project
    Create a project - no need to add a name or description, but we recommended it as the messages sent to the client will look neater and more professional. The only option available in settings is the folder and single-page viewing mode.

  • static-help-021 static-num-02 project
    The project preview shows how the client will see the project (obviously, without the ability to manage it).

  • static-help-03 static-num-03 add files
    Files will be uploaded after clicking the cloud. You can add files one by one or multiple at a time. You are limited only by the bandwidth and speed of your Internet connection.

  • static-help-04 static-num-04 preview
    The preview mode allows you to review client's comments and record or delete the file. The client can use the mode to view the image and either approve or reject it (and add comments).

  • static-help-05 static-num-05 edit data
    The project settings allow you to edit the data displayed during the registration process.

  • static-help-06 static-num-06 send
    If the project is ready to be presented, submit the client's address (or multiple addresses separated by commas) to which a notification and invitation to the service will be sent.

  • static-help-07 static-num-07 move to trash
    Files are first moved to the recycle bin, and only then can be deleted permanently. The bin is automatically emptied if it contains projects older than one month.

  • static-help-08 static-num-08 restore
    Drag the project into the "restore" area ... to restore the project exactly as it was when deleted.

  • static-help-09 static-num-09 delete
    Drag the project into the delete area to permanently remove the data.

  • static-help-10 static-num-10 approval
    A green message appears when the view or project has been approved (depending on the viewing mode).

  • static-help-11 static-num-11 comments
    A red message appears when there are comments and the project has been rejected. The number of comments is displayed in the projects view.

  • static-help-12 static-num-12 new file
    An orange message appears when a new file is pending approval. Once viewed, the message disappears.